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filthy_lily in isitveg

Cruelty free silk?

So in some dry shampoo I wanted to buy it listed

"cruelty free silk powder"

WTF is that supposed to mean?


Possibly that it's made from cocoons gathered after the worms have left them, as opposed to boiling them alive to get the silk? You'd have to ask the manufacturer though. :/
That's an interesting concept. Can't help but wonder how labor intensive that would be; regardless, it still wouldn't be vegan
I'm pretty sure they're referring to wild silk. But asking the manufacturer = seconded.

Yes, it's derived from animals, but personally I don't see a problem with picking up something an animal has left behind and has no further use. It's animal trash, basically. Like toenail clippings. (Then again, part of why I'm a vegan is because I don't need animal-derived products, so...)
You raise a good point.
ah, treseme?