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cafe_kitten in isitveg

vegan snack ideas, things similar to surimi

This has been x-posted to veganpeople just fyi.

I think I can feel my body lacking in protein, and a while back I was teaching ESL in Japan where it is nearly impossible to be vegetarian. To them, seafood isn't even meat, so I'd sometimes have to do with some surimi or even if I would order vegetarian rice / noodle, it always came in fish sauce or broth.

I admit I miss surimi but I've been away from all meat/seafood etc for so long now, I think having it would make me sick. But maybe it's the texture I crave. Would you guys recommend tofu, tempeh, even those vegan cheese and tofurkey slices?

Thanks so much you guys, and I really appreciate the support!


Being vegetarian, I don't know what the texture of surimi is like, but in case you're ever back in Japan, here are some tips.

"Fish (sakana)" isn't "meat (niku)", so say you can't eat either, and that includes dashi. Order your soba or udon as zaru - that way it doesn't come in broth. Either don't eat the mentsuyu that comes with it, or being your own and ask for an empty dish (I only recommend this if you speak Japanese).
Stay away from Chinese food because you can't get away from the fish sauce.

-from a vegetarian in Japan 6 years and counting.
I'm a grad student.

By the way, English teaching in Japan is EFL, not ESL, since English isn't a daily-use language here.